About Us

Board of Directors and Officers
Charles R. Riley
President / Director

Mr. Riley is the Owner/President of TrueWall Enterprises, LLC. for the past 35 years.
His company has participated in the building of Airports; Schools; Housing Developments; Transit/Rail Facilities; Various NOLA Facilities including Libraries; Pumping Stations, Hospitals and Fire Stations; Commercial and  Residential Design/Build.  
His expertise is in commercial and residential design/build, glass / glass block installation; decorative design of glass block layout. Mr. Riley is also a Certified Estimator, Brick Mason, and Glass/Ceramic Installer.
Willie L. Taylor, Sr.
Vice President

Mr. Taylor is the Owner/President of Commander Corporation with more than40 years of Mechanical Design, Construction, Project Management and Field Inspections of various commercial and residential projects, including  Airports; Aluminum and Chemical Plants; Materials Processing Plants; Paper Processing Plans; Schools; Housing Developments; Convenience stores;  Transit / Rail Facilities; Various City Facilities including Libraries; Pumping Stations; Heating/Venting/Air-Conditioning; Fire Stations; Parking Garages and Courthouses.

His area of expertise is in Mechanical Engineering / Design Services; Auto Design / Specification Writing and Resident Inspection Services.

Mr. Taylor received his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering from Louisiana Tech University. He is a Certified 203(k) Loan Consultant and a Certified Estimator.